• Armadio Hopi di Woodpecker

    Exclusive furniture crafted in antique wood and wool

    Woodpecker is a specialized artisan workshop dedicated to the design and crafting of unique furniture, entirely handmade and available for customization upon request. Our distinctive pieces are crafted using antique wood sourced from larch and fir trees, characteristic of the Ampezzo valley. This imparts a touch of authenticity and imbues our furniture with a rich historical essence.

    At Woodpecker, we focus on attention to detail and offer the possibility to customize each creation according to your preferences. We are here to transform your ideas into art furniture, creating a unique and tailor-made experience for you.

The woodpecker, the craftsman of the woods

The woodpecker is the inspiration, which drums on wood to build its dwelling and find food, simultaneously aiding in the tree’s liberation from unwanted parasites.

The wood of our furniture is crafted in the manner of how a woodpecker works on its tree. The holes in the wood guide the design, while the wool transforms the material with its colors, imparting a unique and exclusive character to the furniture.

Explore the creations

Exclusive artisanal creations, crafted from wood naturally aged by the sun, wind, rain and snow. Timber saturated with history, handpicked by Claudia from Cortina and the Dolomite valleys.

The art of woodworking has deep roots in our family and in our valley

The Ampezzo Valley has always been a guardian of artisanal techniques that are being forgotten elsewhere. The timber is closely tied to the local history, serving as a source of both warmth and income. Wood is alive and thrives in the hands of artisans, such as Claudia Bernardi, who, from her family’s carpentry, continues one of the cornerstone traditions of Cortina.

Carpentry and Showroom:
Claudia Bernardi - El Marangon

Localita' Pian Da Lago, 56 - 32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo - Belluno - Italy
woodpeckercortina@gmail.com - tel. +39 3495833145

Exclusively at:
Zig Zag Studio Cortina

Via Cesare Battisti, 30 - 32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo - Belluno - Italy
info@zigzagcortina.com - tel. +39 3498621511

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