Respecting the traditions of woodworking: a culture intrinsically linked to nature, the seasons and its perpetual process of cyclical regeneration.

The furniture takes shape through the use of ancient wood, coming from the characteristic trees of Ampezzo: larch and fir. This wood is carefully selected and recovered from old barns, abandoned homes and disused structures.
The wood is sunburned and smoothed by wind and water for a hundred years before it can be called ancient wood. Only at this point, it can be recovered and shaped to obtain a new life.
Its burnt color and marked grain make this wood the perfect canvas for the lively yarns to flow.



4 door antique fir wood barn cabinet

Width 2 meters
height 90 cm
depth 60 cm


The design that inspired the first collection is that of Native Americans. Entitled Hopi, it is a tribute to the most ancient indigenous population.
In addition to the collection that will be added to Hopi, Woodpecker creates personalized and tailor-made projects based on specific needs.

View the Gallery to get yourself inspired!

You can admire and touch some creations in the workshop and showroom of

Claudia and Paola Bernardi in Pian da Lago 56

e presso il and at Valentina Bernardi’s ZigZag shop in Via Cesare Battisti 30 in Cortina d’Ampezzo


Gray antique wood cabinet sunburned exterior patina

Width 130 cm
height 175 cm
depth 50 cm


2 door antique wood cabinet sunburned exterior patina

Width 130 cm
height 92 cm
depth 43 cm

Carpentry and Showroom:
Claudia Bernardi - El Marangon

Localita' Pian Da Lago, 56 - 32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo - Belluno - Italy - tel. +39 3495833145

Exclusively at:
Zig Zag Studio Cortina

Via Cesare Battisti, 30 - 32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo - Belluno - Italy - tel. +39 3498621511

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